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What is a bank in Canada? It is an institution that takes deposits of money, lends out money for
loans, and handles financial transactions. You receive a form of passive income referred to as
interest for the money on deposit at a bank. The bank in turn loans out your money to make
loans by charging higher interest. Banks make a profit on the difference between what they
receive from the loan and what they give out on deposits. But wait! There’s more to it. Banks
enjoy something called Fractional Reserve Banking. It’s totally legal for them to do it because
they wrote the rules and it’s completely illegal for anyone else to copy it.

This 8-minute video explains how money is created out of nothing these days. Remember that
fiat currency devalues when more money is printed and goes into circulation. This article
explains how fractional reserve banking works. Essentially, banks can loan out the same money
on deposit multiple times as long as they retain a fraction of the original deposit on every

Which brings me to digital currency. The Bank of Canada recently trademarked “Digital
Canadian Dollar” without notifying the public. This is not cryptocurrency, but a replacement for
physical fiat currency. If there is no longer a need for cash or cheques, then the fractional
reserve system may stop. Now imagine that instead of banks paying us to have our money on
deposit, they begin to charge us. The Canadian Central Bank acts as the fiscal agent to
promote economic and financial welfare of Canadians. According to the third quarter 2023
financial report, the Central Bank incurred a comprehensive loss of $4.4-billion whereas profits
continue to increase for the top five Canadian chartered banks. Banks are in the business of
making profit and they too invest in real estate. Banks are in the business of leveraging your
money to make money. It’s time to start leveraging the bank (other people’s money) to invest in
real wealth, aka real estate.



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July offers her investor partners hands-free investment opportunities. If you are interested to learn how to earn an above-average return on your investment, backed by a solid asset, and without the hassle of being a landlord, please contact July Ono.

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