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Sending you aloha and mahalo greetings from the paradise island of Maui.

As beautiful and tempting it is to rush in to buy that piece of paradise, Canadians are cautioned to consider the cross border tax consequences, not just for yourself, but for your heirs.

Hawaii passed legislation in 2022 restricting vacation rentals via AirBNB or VRBO.

Only exempt buildings such as condotels with commercial zoning may continue to rent their suites.

HawaiiLiving.com have a lot of blogs about Bill 41 that you should know about.

NUC nightly use certificates are fighting to be exempt as condotels.

As of today, your best bet is to look for condotels.

Remember that the property ownership rights are different in the United States including your right to earn income from that property.

Some of you may or may not have noticed the relaunch of JulyOno.com.

The pandemic may have slowed things down for a couple years, but we have not been idle on the real estate front.

In the past 2 years, we analyzed dozens of potential investment projects throughout the Lower Mainland and Washington state.

For those deals that we short-listed, we invested thousands of our own money for appraisals, architectural drawings, and environmental reports.

Even after all that work, we walked away from most of them, but we are getting closer to numbers that meet our criteria.

Tune in to be the first to know about upcoming projects.

July Ono.


With the high cost of residential real estate these days, it is time to pivot and adapt.

North American culture is individualistic and we need to embrace a collectivistic approach where many individuals join forces, share their resources, pool their talents, to help each other.

When you think about the stock market, it works because millions of individuals trade small amounts of money at the same time. 

Very few of us attain icon status like Warren Buffet, and he is not a self-made billionaire: he has a team who work with him.

Consider joining forces with like-minded people, as many as it takes, to raise the down payment and closing costs for your first house, townhouse, or condo. 


There is an easy metaphor to remember The 7 Profit Centers in Real Estate.

Think of a bullfighter in full regalia: a real estate matador. 

Your Matador’s name is EL C P TAR.

1. E = Equity

2. L = Leverage

3. C = Cash Flow

4. P = Principal Paydown

5. T = Tax Benefits

6. A = Appreciation

7. R = Reinvest Equity

You can claim your free PDF download in exchange for your email address.


What is the difference between a joint venture and a partnership?

A joint venture is a temporary business venture, either short term or longer term, and the individuals do not normally participate with the other individuals in the venture, but they combine their resources for a specific project.

A partnership is like a law practice or accounting firm where more than one professional team up with other professionals to support their business and the individuals all pitch in.

There are JV templates for review online that put forth the most common items. 

These are great points to review and discuss first before consulting your lawyer. It will save you time and money to consider these points in advance.


November is Financial Literacy month.

Our education system does not teach this and that is why most of us who graduate high school (me, included) have no idea what a credit score is, how to qualify for a mortgage, how to write a cheque, or create a budget.

It is up to parents and independent educators to fill in this gap before the next generation end up learning the hard way, seriously in debt, spending years in financial servitude.

This is a beginner’s guide to financial literacy,

Here is a financial literacy course.

This is a US version by Career Technical Education.

This Ted Talk by Nelson Soh is on Financial Literacy and The Social Media Generation

And of course, one of my favorite authors on the subject, Robert Kiyosaki teaches advanced investing techniques on mastering the 6 basic rules of investing. 


Long-Term Security


Real estate is a long-term investment, meaning you can hold it for several years as you wait for it to appreciate. At the same time, if you rent out your real estate you can earn monthly income while you wait for your property’s value to rise.

About July Ono.

JulyOno.com is a real estate investment company. We have been actively involved in the Lower Mainland area real estate investing for a number of years.  Our mission is to provide local housing and commercial workspace to quality tenants while at the same time providing an above average return on investment (R.O.I.) for our investor partners and for ourselves. It is truly a win-win-win way of investing!

July offers her investor partners hands-free investment opportunities. If you are interested to learn how to earn an above-average return on your investment, backed by a solid asset, and without the hassle of being a landlord, please contact July Ono.

For more information about July and her investment program, please call (604) 830-2438 and email her at july@julyono.com or visit https://julyono.com/