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Researcher Dan Buettner has spent 20 years researching Blue Zones to discover how and why these people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Watch the Netflix series of 5 episodes and the fascinating commonalities among the Blue Zones.

Buettner seeks to reverse engineer longevity and he put these principles to the test in Albert Lea, Minnesota.




Good news: you are not your genes when it comes to lifespan.

Genetics may account for 25%- 30% of your longevity factor, but your environment is the major factor in living a long and healthy life.


July Ono.


Our culture’s obsession with weight loss generates $71-billion a year for quick fix solutions to our lifestyle outcomes.

The elderly in Blue Zones are unintentionally benefitting from continual low-grade exercise such as gardening and squatting, walking up steep stairs, carrying moderate weight-bearing loads.

In our Western culture, we prevent our elderly from doing most of these activities. They become frail because we encourage a sedentary lifestyle.

These are 5 gentle exercises that anyone can do:

1: walking (especially uphill and downhill)

2: bicycling or swimming

3: dancing

4: tai chi or yoga

5: gardening


Airdrie, Alberta is the first city in Canada to introduce the Blue Zone project concept to create a healthy lifestyle environment.  

By improving accessibility and community connection, communities are experiencing double-digit drops in obesity and smoking, saving millions in health care costs and improving employee engagement.

Moai (pronounced “mo-eye” in Japanese) is a small intimate group of lifelong friends. 

This is not a gossip or social club, but a support group based on mutual respect.

Research indicates that social connectedness and volunteerism are the elixirs for emotional, mental, and physical health.


My grandmother lived a long and healthy 99 years.

Her diet was primarily plants, seafood, whole grains, chicken maybe once a month, and no beef. 

She called beef “kusai” which means “smell bad.”

She craved foods like taro potatoes, kabocha, and purple yams with legumes and rice.

She was unconsciously combining food groups to make up a complete protein.

Neither was she calcium deficient. In her 90s, she fell and should have broken a hip, but she simply bruised. 

She preferred calcium-rich vegetables such as mustard spinach, beet greens, raw wilted cabbage, soy beans, broccoli, plus edamame and tofu. Just like beef, she said milk is “kusai” and would not drink it.

The key is eating the mustard greens raw (not cooked). Here is a simple recipe. She would mince the greens and used sesame oil instead of olive oil.


I grew up with fermented foods as a staple like bread or pasta. 

There are many health benefits for consuming fermented foods and beverages such as miso soup, tempeh, natto, kombucha, kefir, kimchi.

Did you know that fermented grass called silage is fed to cows and was invented by German farmers using sauer kraut fermentation technique?



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